Murrayfield Primary School

Location and Timetable

Autumn Term 2019
Day Time Stage
Wednesday6.00pm1 and 2
Wednesday6.30pm3 and 4
Wednesday7.00pm5,6 and 7
Thursday6.00pm1 and 2
Thursday6.30pm3 and 4
Thursday7.00pm5,6 and 7
Friday4.00pm5 and 6
Friday4.30pm1 and 2
Saturday9.00am1 and 2
Saturday10.00am2 and 3
Saturday10.30am2 and 3
Saturday11.00am4 and 5
Saturday11.30am5, 6 and 7
Postcode IP3 9JL Get a google map

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Murrayfield Pri Sch-Stratton Hall

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