About AquaTeach

Our Swimming Lessons

AquaTeach is the complete solution for all your swimming needs.

The Swim School offers swimming lessons or tuition in a safe environment to children of any age and ability.
Our Children's Swimming Lessons are held at Murrayfield Primary School, Nacton Road,Ipswich.
All children's lessons are taught in small classes. 5 Children : 1 Teacher

About Us

We founded our Swimming School in 2009 after realising a true passion for teaching swimming.

We have over 15 years experience working in the swimming teaching environment and have worked with non-swimmers through to national swimmers.
We are both qualified with the Amateur Swimming Association and are members of the Institute of Swimming.
All our teachers are either qualified RLSS Lifeguards or hold a current National Rescue Test for Swimming Teaching.

Our Aim

We aim to noticeably improve your skill, stroke, stamina and speed with every swimming lesson.

Classes are carried out in private swimming pools, away from the many distractions of a public pool. Although highly in demand, we ensure that our class sizes are kept to NO MORE THAN 5 pupils : 1 teacher to ensure accelerated learning.
Our lessons are suited to the age and ability being taught but are all aimed at learning in a happy and safe environment.